BBv2 Castaway Natives ~ Everyday/Casuals

As some of ya'll might know, I've been taken away by the Castaways Life Stories! But when I came to the Natives part of the story, I was TOTALLY disheartened by the scrawny lil maxis males! :P being me! ;) I went on a search to try to find the meshes (or atleast try to figure out how to pull 'em outta the game!) for all the native males! Well, in my hunting and searching and learning, I also found out how to make defaults of meshes with mulitple groups, which these meshes have cause I added the sexyfeet by Bloom. :D

So, tonight I present to you the beginning of my BBv2 Castaway Natives!!! (I have made ALL native meshes for all categories, but I want to update the fat morph for all the other categories before I share them! ;) ) These all have both fat and pregnant morphs (I don't know if you can get abducted in Castaways! But these meshes will also work in good ol' TS2, and you CAN get abducted in it! :D )

Again, all meshes have Bloom's sexy/realistic feet.

The custom meshes are the exact same thing as the defaults except they don't have the body paint/tattoos on the clothing. The defaults will be pretty much useless in TS2, but they're there for anyone who wants them for Castaways! ;)

I'm really happy with how the fat morph turned out! :D (After some more tweaking!!! :P ) So now I want to update it in all my other meshes! The original fat just kinda gave him a little pudgy belly, but now he actually looks like he's packin' some heat! lol

Just to see what it was originally! ;)



Alt. Link

Alt. Link


Peggy's Alpha Dress for CPU and VG

Sharris8 over at the Plumbob Keep (free registration!) requested Peggy's Alpha dress converted to the CPU (classic pinup) and the VG (voluptuous) sizes. So here they are!
Typical crumby pics!

Teh Nemesis added Bloom's sexyfeet and added morphs (I believe). But because these are totally different sizes, the morphs in these dresses are by me to fit with the shape. Both fat and pregnant morphs included.

This is an alpha dress, which means it can be long or it can be short or anything inbetween! ;)

Just one texture each size, so recolor away!

Because of the high poly count of Bloom's feet...You have been warned!!!  :P

And you know me...teens too!

Both morphs for the teens too! ;)

CPU Download
Alternate Link

VG Download

The Black Widow ch.4

Last time we checked in with Courtney, she had a great date with the handsome Tom at the roller rink, even though she was annoyed by Kennedy and all his antics. Then later that night, she had a dream date with Benjamin Long at the Pink Flamingo. So great in fact, that they didn't want it to end!!! And she invited him back to her house where the ACR gods kicked in and they proceeded to take their relationship to the next level! ;)

When he grudgingly said he needed to go, Courtney talked him into marrying her then and there in her bedroom! :O And then they proceeded to consumate their nuptials! lol

Ben brought with him very little money, but a LOT of pricey items safely tucked in his inventory!

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TBW Update

Hello everyone! To those of you reading my version of the Black Widow Challenge...Thank you! Also, the next chapter is in the works, but I've had a lot of family drama this past week, so I haven't been able to post. Sorry! I just wanted to let ya'll know I haven't forgotten or gotten bored or anything. Totally opposite actually! ;) So hopefully I'll have ch. 3 posted in the next day or 2! ;)

Thanks again!