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[sticky post]My TOU/policy!
I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would leave a comment!!! Preferably positive, but constructive criticism is OK too! ;) It would encourage me to continue creating for you fine people!!!

I would be honored if you find my creations worthy of being shared, be it on your sims or in your lots. So, please share with my approval, but keep it free! I put a lot of work and time into my items, but share freely and I want to keep it that way!!!  Thank you!

And remember, I am NOT a professional in anyway!!!

If you do share my items, a bit of recognition and a link back would be greatly appreciated. ;)

If you should happen to make recolors, or anything else for that matter, of my creations, I would like to know so that I can download it too!

Thank you!

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I don't JOIN anything unless I am FORCED to do so to download!

You... on the other hand are definitely worth signing up for!

I love everything you do! Thank you so much! I am finally getting to appriciate the new creations you did for me a while back! My computer had a melt down and I'm finally getting a chance to try them out in my new and improved game!

Re: I don't JOIN anything unless I am FORCED to do so to download!

< BLUSH! >
Uhmmm! ... Sorry!...??? I don't mean to "FORCE" anyone to DO anything! And I'm sorry you feel like I did! I too, don't like having to sign-up for things, so I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from! But to be able to FREELY share my things, I felt like LJ was the right choice (at the time)!

Now, I'm glad (and slightly embarrassed!) that you think my creations (and I) were worthy enough! Although, truthfully, I don't know who you are nor what 'creations' I made for you! :D I just hope you like and they meet up to expectations! ;)


First want to wish you a Happy Birthday..

Second I love your work..

Have a great day..


Nahhhh! Thanks! You're too kind! And I'm glad to hear you like my stuff, I like to share stuffz I make for myself, and my own game! ;)

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