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The Black Widow ch.2

*WARNING!* pixel nudity

The next day flew by. Courtney didn't see too much of it though! She slept most of it away! Her visitors the day before stayed long into the night. They probably would have stayed longer if she  hadn't 'nicely' asked them to leave!

When she finally did surface, she got her shower and dressed, then she ate yet another bologna sandwich. 'Ugh! I really need to learn how to cook! I'm already getting sick and tired of bologna!'

She was bored! 'There's absolutely NOTHING to do in this place!' she thought. 'I know! I'll walk into town and see what there is to do there!'

So, off she walked towards town. She first came upon a gym. So she went in and put in a short workout, but she quickly got tired of that. Next, she found a cute little boutique where she was able to buy a pair of cheap costume earrings.

When she came out, she heard some dancing music! 'Now THAT'S more like it!' she thought. She followed the sound until she stood inside this little bar that catered to the dancing crowd. As she looked around, she spotted a tall blonde guy back by the bar.

'Ohhh! Now he's HAWT!!!'

She went up and introduced herself to him, "Hi! My name's Courtney! What's yours?"

"Benjamin! Benjamin Long!" he shouted over the music. "Nice to meet you!"

They tried to chat above the music, but it was just too loud! They couldn't hear each other very well.

Courtney did, however, manage to ask Ben for a date.

"Sure! Sounds great! You want to dance?"


They had a blast out on the dance floor!

A little while later, they stopped to take a breather.

And to get in a little flirting! ;)

They laughed at others making a fool of themselves out on the dance floor!

They pretty much had a great time! 'He's kinda fun to hang with!' Courtney thought to herself.

And then the tickling started! She found out that Ben was EXTREMELY ticklish! LOL

A few more flirts, some more tickling, throw in a joke or two...and then the hearts went flying! :D

The D.J. switched gears and started playing a slow song, so Ben whipped Courtney into his arms and started dancing slowly with her.

Courtney was having a blast! She really liked Ben! He had an unusually shaped nose, but the whole package over-all was pretty nice to look at! Although, he really needed some fashion advice! lol 'Shorts with a sweater and dress socks and shoes?! What is this guy thinking?!' she wondered.
She pulled in closer and laid her head on his shoulder. Then, on a whim, she tried to get a hold of his bum, to try to get a nice feel!

But Ben wasn't down with that!

"HEY!!! We only just met! What do you think you're doing?!" he exclaimed.

"Really?! I was just playing around! CHILL!!!"

"I get that! But I guess you can call me 'old fashioned.' I'm just not comfortable with that...yet!

Courtney tried to pull away.

Don't go! I still want to dance with you some more!" he gently pulled her back into his arms.

But the whole episode kinda put Courtney off her game. Her mind was reeling! 'An old fashion guy, huh?! Who would a guessed!'

"Ooops! Ben! I'm sooo sorry!!!"

"It's okay," he grumbled as he limped away.

"I just lost concentration for a moment!" Courtney pouted.

'Man! She is sooo HAWT when she pouts!' he thought.

Courtney excused herself to go find the rest room. While she was in there, she decided she needed to sponge off real quick. So, she locked the door, stripped down and pulled her sponge out of her purse....

'Ahhh! That's better! All the sweat from my workout earlier, and now from the dancing, I was feeling kinda rancid! LOL!' she joked to herself. 'Now! I've got myself back in control, let's go find Ben! I hope he's still here!!!'

"There you are handsome! I was hoping you hadn't left yet!"

"Nope! The night's still young! Why would I leave without telling you goodbye first?"

"I was just afraid I might have scared you away," she yelled over the music. Then the sight of some old chick out on the dance floor grabbed Courtney's attention for a moment. 'HaHaHa!'

'Hmmm...he might just be a keeper! He didn't run away, even when I came on to him a little too strongly!' she giggled to herself.

"Hey Ben! Would you like a backrub?"

"WOW! That feels amazing! Thanks Courtney!"

"Check out that old gal out there on the dance floor!" she yelled over at Ben.

"I wonder what she calls that?!" he laughed back.

"Come here you sexy thing!" Courtney pulls Ben in for a quick squeeze. "You're a lot of fun to hang with! I've had a blast tonight!!!"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to call it quits just yet!"

"Me neither! So, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know, my foot still hurts. Maybe we could find a quiet corner somewhere and chat some more!"

"I don't know about a 'QUIET' corner in this place!" she laughed.

"No, probably not!" he laughed back.

"So, what do you do...for a living I mean?" she asked him.

"I'm the Chief of Staff at Sedona Medical," he replied.

'CHIEF OF STAFF!!!' she giggled triumphantly to herself! $$$ 'YES!' "So, I guess if you're chief of staff, you're probably pretty skilled then, huh?"

"Yeah, kinda have to be! I don't want to brag much, but, I'm an expert at cleaning and logical thinking. I'm very good with mechanics and creativity, AND I'm pretty good at cooking too!"

"Wow! You're my kinda a man!!!" she flirted back.

"HaHa, nah! I'm not that special!" he blushingly replied.

"Ahhh, don't be so rough on yourself, sweetie!" she grabbed his chin and pulled him in for a nice tender kiss...

His first apparently! :D

"WOW! I had a GREAT time tonight Courtney! And I'd LOVE for the date to go on indefinitely, but I have to get up early in the morning, I have a 7 am operation scheduled. Yes, even CoS still perform operations on occasions!" he winked at her. Then he pulled her back in for another kiss.

"Here's my number. I hope to hear from you real soon!" he jotted his number on a napkin from the bar and handed it to her, gave her one more kiss and then jaunted out the door.

Courtney wasn't ready to head home to a quiet, empty house just yet, so she went up to the D.J. and asked if she could give it a go for a little while.

He was ready for a break, so he quickly stepped aside and let Courtney spin some vinyl!

She had a great time! 'What a way to end a perfect day!' she exclaimed to herself. 'A great date, and then earn a few simoleans spinning vinyl! Couldn't get much better than that! Unless of course, I was bringing in even MOAR simoleans!' she laughed.


Well...? What'ya think? Are my 'chapters' long enough? Or would ya'll prefer longer 'chapters'? And how often would you like updates? Everyday? Every other day? Only 2-3 times a week? ... Input please! lol Thanks!

In my actual play session, I FINALLY got Courtney's 1st husband killed last night!!!!!! It was rough!!! :o I swear, he kept calling my name!!!! :S It was kinda freaky! But I won't give away anymore than that! ;)

I hope ya'll are enjoying!

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Well, Courtney's outfits don't leave much to the imagination, do they? XD LOL BENJAMIN LONG! I really should have got that face template into the Duckling family. It's too good!

I'm pretty sure the best part of Courtney and Ben's date was watching the bartender's expressions.

Your chapter length seems fine to me. I always worry that mine are too long, but I divide my pictures according to what feels like a good place to stop, which sometimes makes the updates long. D: You probably shouldn't post too often so readers won't fall behind. Anyway, that's my two cents!

Don't worry, you'll get used to killing husbands! For me it was creepy killing off #1, but Ursula just murdered #9, and I barely batted an eye. Actually, I don't know if that's good or bad. XD

LOL! Yeah, maxis shape is just waaaaay too bland and boring for me, so I have all kinds of different bodyshapes in my game! ;) I rarely use the regular maxis shape. Unfortunately, I'm still adding my clothes, and other CC, back into my DL folder. So, I don't have everything back in place yet! ;) Another downside to bodyshapes is that there are not that many 'meshers' left around for ts2. That's primarily why I taught myself how to mesh. (Though, I'm still learning!) ;D

Yeah, the bartender was quite entertaining! LOL!

That's kinda what I've been doing too. Tho so far, I feel, my chapters have kinda been small! But they've just seemed to have their own ending.

As to readers, I don't think I have but just a couple. So far, you and Jean are the only ones to comment, and I know most simmers have migrated to Tumblr. I do post from my Tumblr tho, so...who knows?

OMW!!! You didn't bat an eye?! I have been trying for a couple game play sessions to do in #1! I FINALLY said "You ARE going to die today!!!" But then he sat there the whole time saying "Podukay-Jeannie" or some such. But I SWEAR he was saying my name, over and over and over again!!! :/ It was REALLY creepy! :S

I told my husband just last night that I can't even kill off pixel people! He just rolled his eyes at me! LOL! He used to hunt and kill 'Bambi' and 'Thumper' all the time before we met and married. After we married, I was able to talk him into selling his gun and bow! But now that we have a teenage daughter, he regrets it! (And sometimes, so do I!!! ;) )

Thanks again for commenting!

Oh man, I'm way behind on commenting as usual! I've often been tempted to try out the body shapes, but like you said, there aren't enough clothing options. I temporarily used the LBB double-breasted suit when the Ducklings had a 1930s/1940s party because it looked closest to men's builds and their suits back then. And I used your recolors! They're fabulous, BTW. Some day I may even post the party update unless my better judgment kicks in. XD

You should definitely go with what feels like the best ending for your updates! I think we all have more readers than we know about. Most people just don't comment. I guess they don't really know what to say, or they're shy, or they just don't want to draw attention to themselves. That's okay, but comments are the only way we really know we have readers.

I think the reason I haven't felt too bad about killing all the husbands is that they come and go so fast I don't have time to get to know them. Psychologists say it's easier to kill someone you don't know. XD Ugh, I think this challenge is bending my mind! Maybe when you play the challenge, you should have the sound off. That helps, too. There's a Duckling death coming right up whenever I get back to posting, and it sounded like he was shouting "Get me out of here!" from the mausoleum--I made the mistake of turning the sound on--and that really gutted me because I didn't want him to die in the first place.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Jean! :D

Gee, the only time I'd ever (remember!) of hearing about Ben Long was at icads-sims story..."The Legend of Longhollow"


And I just assumed he was a random sim she made. LOL! Imagine my surprise when Courtney spotted him in town in my own game!

Shot and poisoned?!?!!! How, pray tell, did you manage that in ts2? Or is that just how you wrote about it?

I'm glad to hear that the chapters seem to be about right! My personal preference is longer is better, but I really love to read! ;) But I also know that not everybody is like me! Heck, a lot of peeps don't even like to read! (My husband being one of them!) LOL! But the chapters just seem to have their own ending...so far! Whether long or short! lol

Anyways, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying my story so far! :D

Thanks for reading and commenting! :DDD

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