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TBW Update
Hello everyone! To those of you reading my version of the Black Widow Challenge...Thank you! Also, the next chapter is in the works, but I've had a lot of family drama this past week, so I haven't been able to post. Sorry! I just wanted to let ya'll know I haven't forgotten or gotten bored or anything. Totally opposite actually! ;) So hopefully I'll have ch. 3 posted in the next day or 2! ;)

Thanks again!

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks Jean! Yeah, we're workin on it! ;)
My daughter has a young friend who has been kicked outta her house and staying with us off and on the past couple months. Things are crazy! Her dad lives all the way over in Saudi Arabia and her mom drinks and does drugs and is very irresponsible! So, it's really rather sad and messed up. And since she's such good friends with my daughter and we live in the same neighborhood, she's been crashing here. :/

But now she's back home...? So, who knows! I hate that she has to go thru all this drama (I HATE drama!!! lol) Needless-to-say, this poor girl is quite messed up herself! Getting in trouble at school and thrown in juvie a couple times now. UGHHH!

So...yeah! But thanks again! ;)

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