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The Black Widow ch.3

*WARNING!* pixel nudity

Later that night, after she got home from the club, Courtney found a beautiful rose with a note attached to it from Ben.

'Dear Courtney,
Romance bloomed between us
As this single flower shows
And as I think of you, my sweet
My longing for you grows

'Naaaah! What a sweetie!' And she had sweet dreams that night!


The next day dawned bright and sunny. 'Hmmm...what am I going to do today?' she pondered over her bowl of coco puffs. As she was cleaning up the counter, the phone rang.


"Hi! My name's Tom. We met last night at the club. I was wondering if you would like to go out with me today? I know this great place we could hang at for a while...?"

"Uhmmm, sure! I guess." 'Why not?! I don't have anything else better to do!'

So, instead of walking and taking a long time, she called for a cab...

She met Tom at the roller rink.

'Hmmm! I didn't remember what a cutie he was!' she thought.

'OMW! This chick is GORGEOUS!!!' he thought as he almost passed out.

'Well, we're here to skate...right?" So, Courtney slapped a pair of skates on and made her way out to the rink.

And Tom followed shortly after. Only...

Courtney was having a hard time staying on her feet, or wheels! LOL! (It doesn't help that she was trying to skate in her heels!!! ROFL!)

But apparently, she wasn't the only one with a balancing problem...

Big macho Tom was having a 'vertical' problem too! 'OOOPH! I shouldn't have looked over at him! Dang it!'

"Hey Tom, you wanna try skating together? Maybe we could keep each other upright!" she jokingly replied.

"I don't need you, or anybody else, to keep me on my feet!" :/ he huffed.

"What did I say wrong?!"

"Nothing. Sorry! Just forget I said anything." he said as he rolled off the rink.

'Oooookkkay! What was that all about?' she wondered. "Hi there. I'm Courtney. How are you?"

"Name's Kennedy Cox, Fox...y!" he leered.

'Alrighty then. He's creepy!'

Tom came back over and apologized for his strange behavior. "I don't know why I said that, just mad at myself I guess." 'How the heck am I supposed to impress this girl if I keep falling on my rump?!' he huffed at himself.

So, some jokes and some flirts and toss in a wee bit of conversation...

And the hearts are floating high again! :D

Courtney was having a good time, despite the earlier awkwardness. "You wanna try the wheels again?" she asked Tom.

"Sure, I guess."

'Maybe this really isn't such a good idea! How can I impress him, if all I do is sit on this dirty floor?!' she grumbled after falling on her derriere for the umpteenth time!

"Courtney! Are you OK?!" Tom rushed over to help her up.

And in their closeness and the heat of the moment...

(Creepy observer! No respect for personal boundaries!!! :/ )

"Wow! You're a GREAT kisser!" Courtney exclaimed before checking herself!

"HEY!!! Whatcha doin kissin that bloke?!" Kennedy came over and poked her in the chest.

"EXCUSE ME!!!" Courtney roared.


Tom quickly stepped in before things totally got outta hand...

"Just ignore him! And think of all the things I would TOTALLY love to do to you right now! You are just sooo HOT!!!" nibble nibble "And sexy!"

"I just want to find a quiet place with you...RIGHT NOW!"

'Kennedy...who?!' Courtney could think of only ONE thing...and that was Tom's kiss! ;)

But they did need to surface for air! And then they had to remember where they were! lol

Kennedy was a persistent little bugger though.

"Look Dude! Whatever you're selling, I'm NOT interested!!! So SCRAM!!!"

'MAN! She's even hotter when she's mad!!! If that's even possible!' Tom thought as he watched her tell that guy off.

Tom pulled her back in for a tender kiss, "Courtney, I had a nice time! We really need to do this again!"

"Are you calling it quits already? Did I turn you off...with that dude?"

"NO!!! Just saying I had a nice time!" he winked at her as he pulled her in yet again for another kiss and a hug!

"Okay," she said as she pulled out of his arms. "What are your wants and fears?"

"Well, it may sound crazy, but I'm afraid of being booed." he mumbled. "And I just want to gain a skill point."

"Well that doesn't sound crazy! Who WOULD want to be booed? People today can be so mean and inconsiderate of others and their feelings! But...I...care! About your feelings, I mean!" she stammered. "So, huh-humm, do you have a job?"

"I sure do! I just got accepted into the military! I start tomorrow as a recruit!"

"But I'm only a recruit, so I haven't any skills yet." he continued.

Courtney leaned in and whispered, "That fool came back again, didn't he? I can sense his beady lil eyes glaring into the back of my head!"

"Yup! Looks like he's sizing you up, too! Do you want me to talk to him?"

"No, maybe if we totally ignore him, he'll go away!"

"Well, what do you have in mind to do?"

"I guess we could always go back out on the rink...." she started.

But Tom wasn't down for anymore skating! He grabbed her arm and started kissing up to her shoulder.

'I just can't enjoy myself, or Tom!, with that loser hangin around!'

'Ah, look! He appears to have moved on!!!' :D

"Oh Courtney! You apply your makeup so beautifully!!! You are just so fine!"

"What? Oh, thanks. You know, you're not so bad yourself!"

"How ya doin financially?" 'I might as well kill the mood now, before I get too invested!' she thought.

"Well, you know I'm living with Kevin right now, so, I'm doing OK."

"That always helps...the having a roommate, I mean."

"Listen Courtney, I really hate to cut this short, but I have to get up super early in the morning. I want to make a good impression on my sergeant, you know!" ;) "I had a really good time. Maybe we can do this again sometime...soon!"

"Sure Tom, just give me a call!"


So, back home, Courtney brought in the paper and read the music section for a little while, then she worked on the crossword puzzle...

As she was puzzling over a rather difficult answer, the phone rang. She went to answer it, and found that it was Benjamin Long.

"Hi Courtney! I had such a wonderful time with you last night, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me again tonight? I know this wonderful little Mexican restaurant here in town! They serve the best tamales!!!"

"Sounds great Ben!" :D "Just let me touch up my hair and makeup and I'll meet you there in...what? Say an hour?"

"Awesome!!! I can't wait to see you again Courtney!"

"You're right Ben! This place has such a quaint atmosphere to it! I love it! It's sooo cute!"

"You sure look beautiful tonight, Courtney!" he said as he clasped his fingers around hers.

Just then their waiter showed up with their salads...

...only to toss them embarrassingly over his shoulder!

"Oh! I'm sooo sorry! I tripped over something..." he mumbled as he tucked tail and ran back to the kitchen.

The rest of their meal came, thankfully, without any more problems.

They really enjoyed their meals. Courtney playingly snuck a bite off Ben's plate, they flirted and teased, and overall enjoyed each other's company!

"Wow! You were right Ben! This place has really good food! And...do I hear music?!"

"Yup! There's a karaoke machine back by the bar!"

"REALLY?!!! Do you wanna...?"

"Sure! Why not!"

"Ahhh! Thanks Ben! I just LOVE singing, and any kind of music overall! Did I ever tell you that I want to be a rockstar?!" she said as she caressed the side of his face.

Then Ben dropped to his knees! Courtney was sooo excited, she thought he was about to propose to her! But then this deep beautiful baritone belted out of this little man! It was so beautiful and heart-touching, that she just melted!

"OH BEN!!!! That was totally wonderful! You are such a sweet man!"

"I know this is normally the man's job, but I'm just so touched..." she said as she dropped to her own knee.

"Would you do me the great honor of becoming my husband?!"

"I would LOVE to marry you Courtney!!!" he exclaimed helping her back up off the floor, only to throw himself into her arms! ;D

And then he pulled her in for a sweet gentle kiss.

That quickly escalated into a heavier kiss...

"Hey! Why don't we take this back to my place?"

"Sounds like a GREAT idea!" he grinned foolishly.


Once they climbed out of the cab, Courtney grabbed Ben and pulled him into a wing-dinger of a kiss!

She also got that good feel that she had wanted the other night! ;) (Of course, ACR was calling all the shots at this point, so you know where all this leads...!)

"WOW! Courtney! I really hate to leave, but it IS late!"

"You really gotta leave...right now?!!!" she asked as she pulled him in for yet another deep, knee-bending kiss.

"I don't want us to be parted anymore ever again, Ben! I know...!" She fumbled around in her pocket for a second, then she pulled out...

"Ben, I know it's late! And I know this is kind of awkward here in my bedroom and all! But you know I can't afford a big wedding with all the trimmings and I don't have very many friends. And, well...! I just don't want to be apart from you for one more second!!! I love you and I want to be Mrs. Long for the rest of my life!!! Let's get married NOW!!!"


"Now, will you do ME the honor of becoming my wedded wife?!"

"Of course I will! Urrrr, I mean I DO!!!"

"Ahhh, Ben! I'm sooo excited!!!"

"It's not finalized yet, my dear!" he informed her as he pulled her in for their kiss...

"I love you Mrs. Long!"

"I love you too, Mr. Long!"

And Ben's stats...

He didn't add much financially, only $2,931, to the household, but look what I found in his inventory...!

2! high-end telescopes, a hot tub, a sunflower, a chess table, a big potted palm, a TV, a poker table and a DJ booth!!!!! :DDD
Although, they ended up keeping most of everything! Just so that they had something to do!!! They did end up selling one of the telescopes and the sunflowers (I'm not a huge fan of sunflowers for some reason! :P ).

After their vows...

It's a good thing they didn't have far to go! LOL!

And on that note...! Next time, house expansion, more shenanigans, baby?, vacation? etc... ;D
Hope you're enjoying! The next chapter will probably be late too, I'm going out of town for the holidays! I've also gotten so far ahead of myself in game play vs. writing...I'm not a very good writer I'm afraid! And, truth be told! I've actually started a second challenge to play simultaneously so when I get ahead or bored, I can turn to it! ;) Anyone interested in it? I'm typing up the 1st chapter of it too. :D

Anywho...hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas! And a safe and prosperous New Year!!!
See ya next year! *HUGZ!*

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Wow, the Benjamin Long/Kennedy Cox face template keeps following Courtney everywhere! It seems like there's always a Sim standing around and staring at/interrupting romantic shenanigans. XD Tom is cute, definitely Husband #2 potential, and I LOLed at Courtney's high-heeled rollerskates! And El Flamingo Mexican Restaurant FTW!

Yay first husband! And man, he had a crapload in his inventory! Can't wait to see Ben meet his fate. Why no, Ursula has not made me bloodthirsty. :D What is the second challenge you've started? Sounds interesting.

I hope you enjoy your holidays!

IKR! That face! I even have defaults in, but obviously it doesn't do anything for the premades! :/

Gotta love the 'dumb-ness' of the sims characters! <3 Their idle anims mostly are rather ... DUH! But there are a few that I really like! ;)

Again I know!!! That's one of the features in ts3 that I kinda miss! In 3 they actually can have different shoes, so when they skate they actually get real skates! But it does leave for rather hilarious moments in ts2! LOL!


And YES!!! FINALLY!!! Hubby new #1! Although, I always play with an aging mod in all my 'hoods, so my simmies have 'extended' lives! ;) If I remember correctly, I have the adult lifespan set to 83 days...? And the toddlers.............UGH! I think they have something like 10-11 days!!!!! What the heck was I thinking?! I need to remember how to alter it and then FIX IT!!!!! Cause I got multiple toddlers running around right now! :/

As to the new challenge, I just finished posting it! :D Let me know what ya think!

And thanks! You too!!! *HUGZ!* Merry Christmas!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Jean! *HUGZ!* And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

You really should! Do it, that is! :D

You too!

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