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The Black Widow ch.4

Last time we checked in with Courtney, she had a great date with the handsome Tom at the roller rink, even though she was annoyed by Kennedy and all his antics. Then later that night, she had a dream date with Benjamin Long at the Pink Flamingo. So great in fact, that they didn't want it to end!!! And she invited him back to her house where the ACR gods kicked in and they proceeded to take their relationship to the next level! ;)

When he grudgingly said he needed to go, Courtney talked him into marrying her then and there in her bedroom! :O And then they proceeded to consumate their nuptials! lol

Ben brought with him very little money, but a LOT of pricey items safely tucked in his inventory!

And with that, we'll start this chapter with an update on the house since Ben has moved in.  We now have wall coverings and floors! YAY!

And you can see that they kept the poker and chess tables, the TV and the D.J. booth, what you can't see here is the hot tub, palm tree and the telescope, but they DID keep these too! ;)


Well, even though he and Courtney were just married last night, Ben still had responsibilities (a JOB!) that he had to attend. So, off to work for him...

Courtney hadn't had time to work her fashion magic on him yet tho! :D 'It must be really special to be whisked away in a big ol' limo!' Courtney thought as she peered out the window watching her new husband ride off to work.

Well, once again Courtney had a bunch of free time on her hands. She and Ben had stayed up late into the night last night talking about their wants and dreams for the future...as well as tending to...other matters! ;) One of the things Ben mentioned was starting a big family. Courtney was down for a few kids, but she really wanted to wait until she was established in her career as a rock goddess! But Ben! wanted her to wait on her career dreams!!! :/ She didn't really know how she felt about that yet! Sure, she wasn't too real happy about it, but she really did love Ben and wanted to make him happy!

'I guess I've waited this long, what's a little bit longer really gonna matter in the whole scheme of things!' she thought to herself. 'But while I've got time to kill, and since Ben was sooo nice and generous to supply me with this turntable, I'll just work on my skills!'

A little while later, this cute lil blonde showed up to welcome Courtney to some secret society for music enthusiast!

When Ben arrived home, he stopped by the mailbox to check for mail. 'What's this?! I's has a secret admirer?!!!'

'Ummmm! And it smells good too!'

(Is this something new with the UC? I don't remember ever seeing this 'feature' before. And I couldn't find the letter to read it or find out who sent it! Any clues?)

"Hi honey! I'm home!" *phone starts to ring* 'Hmmm, she must be in the bathroom or something.'

"I got it! Hello?"

"Benjamin Long? I heard you're working in the medical field. I know that's a very important job. I have a few connections, and I think I can get you a pay increase!"

"Really?! That'd be GREAT!!! Thanks! Courtney!!! Hey Courtney!?! You'll never believe it..."

"Hi handsome! Join me!"

"Sure, but..."


"Naaahhhhhh! You are an amazing lover! Now, what did you want to tell me?"

"Hmmm? Oh! Oh yeah! That call when I first got home! Some guy says he has some connections and can get me a pay raise!!!"

"Really?!!! Oh Ben! That's great! Do you know who he was? Can you trust him?"

"No, never met him before, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I report in!"

"Well, I just hope he wasn't some creepy con-man!!! I'm starvin! You want anything to eat?"

"Nah. You've worn me out woman! I just wanna catch a few Zzzz's.... But you go getcha something to eat, just hurry back!" ;)

"K! Love ya!"

"Love you too gorgeous!"

'Man! Why am I sooo hungry? Yeah, I had an early dinner, but I shouldn't be THIS hungry already!' she mumbled to herself as she poked around in the frig.

Only to finally settle on yet another bologna sandwich! lol

Courtney ate her sandwich, cleaned up the kitchen then crawled back into bed with Ben.


Ben had the day off today. But his body was used to getting up early for work. So, he bent over to kiss Courtney on the cheek and to tuck her in, then he decided to go out and do a little constellation gazing while it was still dark.

Good thing he did too! :D Cause he found an undiscovered star and the Astronomy Club paid him $500 simoleans!

Later that morning, once Courtney managed to crawl out of bed and get ready to start her day, but she started having horrible pains in her abdomen!

'Oh my! This! This REALLY hurts!!!!'

'Could I be pregnant?! But if so, why the pain?!!! I thought I was supposed to be sick all the time in the beginning and the pain came at birth! ??? This...Is...MISSERABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' "BENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ben came running at Courtney's bellow. "Courtney?! What's wrong Baby?"

"Baby?" she panted.

"Lay down. Let me check you out! We really need to get you to the hospital and let your doctor check you out too!"


Ben darted into the bathroom to get some medicines out of the medicine cabinet to help Courtney with the cramping. "Here, take this! And then lie down!"

Ben finally managed to get Courtney to lay down on the bed so that he could examine her. And thankfully, the medicine started kicking in and the cramping subsided.

"It looks like you're experiencing preterm cramping and contractions, Dear. You're really going to need to eat good and rest a lot. Stay off your feet as much as possible!  Man! This stinks!"

"Tell me about it! I didn't even know for sure that I was pregnant! Are you sure the baby's OK?!"

"Hm? Oh yeah! Baby's fine. I was just thinking about the vacation I was planning on surprising you with!"

"Vacation?!?!!?!!! Oh Ben!!! Where? When?!"

"To Twikki Island, and this weekend."

"OHHHH!!! Yes! YES!!! Let's!!! PLEASE!?!!?!!! You just said I needed rest and relaxation, and what could be more relaxing than sitting on the beach drinking Mimosas'?! Course, I'd have to have the non-alcoholic kind!" ;)

"I don't know, Courtney. What about the baby?"

"Tell ya what, take me to the doctor and let him check me out. If everything's OK and he says it's alright, ... then LET'S GO!!! Sound good?!"

"I don't know Sweetheart! I don't want anything bad to happen to you, or the baby!"

"Ben!!! For crying out loud! You are a doctor!!! And you'll be there to take care of me and the baby if anything should happen!"

"I don't know Courtney! I'm just not very comfortable putting you or our little baby in harm's way!"

"HARM'S WAY!?!!?!!! What the heck you talkin bout?! We're only talking of taking a wee lil break on the beach! You know...RESTING!!! ON THE BEACH!!!!!"

"Well, let's call your doctor and see what he has to say about it."

"OK! On it!" Courtney scurried away to set up an appointment with her OBGYN.

After her phone call, Courtney was hungry enough to eat a hippopotamus! Thankfully Ben took care of fixing lunch, and later supper, for them both.

"I don't know Ben, what do you think?"

"Hmmm? About what dear?"

"Do I have a baby-bump already? Do you think?!"

"I DO!!! BEN!!! LOOKIE!!! I HAVE A BABY-BUMP!!!" :DDD She was so excited and so hungry that she scarfed down not one...

...but TWO plates of spaghetti for dinner that night before heading off to bed!

The next day was fairly uneventful. Courtney was feeling a little bit queasy, but it wasn't too bad.

Thankfully, she wasn't rushing to the bathroom every-so-often!

Ben took Courtney to see her doctor.

After a visit with her doctor, both Ben and Courtney were feeling more assured.

"Do you think Courtney and the baby will be OK if we take a short trip to the islands?" Ben asked.

"Sure. As long as she's not doing any strenuous activities, I see no reason why she couldn't go to the beach. But, I want you to rest and have a good time!" he said to Courtney.

"Yes sir, Doctor!" she said with a giant grin on her face.

They went back home, and while Courtney relaxed on the bed, Ben packed their bags.


The taxi was scheduled to pick them up at 8 am the following morning. As per his norm, Ben awoke bright and early, but he continued to lay in bed holding his new wife. 'Wife! It's still so hard to believe this beautiful, feisty young lady was his wife!'

"Hmmm, mornin!" Courtney mumbled.

"Good morning, Beautiful! How you feeling this morning?"

"Hmmm, lazy! Relaxed. Don't wanna move!" she mumbled as she snuggled in closer to Ben.

"Hahaha! Well, if you want to go to the beach, you're gonna have to move, Lazy Bones!"

"Oh! That's right! That's today, isn't it?!"

"Yup! You ready?"

"You bet!!!" she said as she jumped up out of bed. "Ohhh! I don't feel so good." Courtney grabbed her stomach as she ran to the bathroom. Fortunately, she didn't throw up.

"You need to get out of bed a little bit more slowly." Ben said as he came into the bathroom to check on her. "Your equilibrium changes when you jump out of bed quickly like that. And when you're pregnant, it can really mess with your stomach!"

"Yes, sir! Doctor Husband, sir!" Courtney saluted him.

"Smarty-pants! How's my little bundle doing in there today?" he asked as he rubbed her belly.

"I don't know. Do you think it's too early to feel him? Or her? Any idea what it might feel like?"

"Well, yeah, it's probably a little too early yet to feel any movement. But it really varies between pregnancies. Most ladies describe it as feeling like butterflies dancing in their bellies. Why? Do you think you might've felt something?"

"I'm not sure. Probably just wishful thinking! Let's get dressed before the cab gets here!"

"First things first, Missy!" he pulled her in for some loving. "Let's get you into the shower before you knock out the cab driver! Owww! LOL!"

The taxi pulled up to the curb at 8 o'clock sharp, and away they went! Off to the islands for a little R'nR/post honeymoon thing.


MAYBE?! Next time will they have a baby?!??!???! Tune in to see!

Sorry it's taken so long to get this chapter up and ready! Christmas break was kinda chaotic! And I just wasn't feelin' it! And now, here it is already the end of January already!!! O.o

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks Jean! And they were, thanks. It's always good to go home and see family/friends! ;)

As to the check-up, I (kinda) cheated! ;P I "borrowed" a few later pics from when she went to the hospital to deliver the baby! But as to the actual 'hospital' mod, it's by Chris Hatch on BAS (adult site!).

And the wonderful hospital lot is by Phaenoh at MTS. And updated by me to work with Chris' mod.


HOPEFULLY!!! I'll finally get to gen 2 in the next update! I'm not playing this challenge like I want it to end quickly! ;) I use a lot of different mods, including time/age extending ones! :D And the more I think about it, the challenge will probably just 'dissolve' and progress more like a legacy when Courtney's done! We'll see...

Thanks again for your comments and interest! <3 <3 <3

Always nice when your Sim can afford wall and floor covering!

Ugh, the love letter system. I think Sims get a love letter when they have a 'good' date. I don't know when it was added to the game, but if a Sim other than the one it's meant for gets it from the mailbox then you never get to see it. :( In this case, it was obviously meant for Courtney, but since she didn't get it from the mailbox then it's gone. Reeeeaaallllllyyyyy duuuuuumb! My future Duckling Romance Sim got a ton of love letters but never saw a single one because I hadn't figured it out yet. *sigh*

Hey, a hospital! How neat!

Aww, Ben is a very sweet not to mention lucrative husband. I can see why you had trouble killing him!

Ain't that the truth! Those blank grey walls were kinda depressing, not to mention the dirt floors! 8(

Did you have love letters before you installed the UC? I had all EP/SPs before and don't remember seeing them. Course, it could be due to one of my many mods...? Or the fact that I haven't played in over a year! :P But at least, that's good to know! The person the letters are meant for can read them then? Are they found in their inventory?

Another question for ya, now that you've had alien abductions, did/does Collan have any memories of having 'woohoo with his alien PT'? And, I can't remember from your pics (need to go back and look!), did he return from the spaceship in his clothes or his undies? Mine always come back in their undies! But I'm wondering if it has something to do with the settings in ACR or something...?

Hmmm? Just looked. He landed with his clothes on! :/ I wonder why my sims have started coming back in their undies!? I've had a lot of strange things happening since I installed the UC!

Oh well. Yup! A hospital!!! And a neat little secret...with the hospital mod (mentioned above to Bolob) the mother gains $1000 gift for the baby!!! :DDD Which is GREAT when every simoleon matters!

And you're only just seeing the beginning of his sweetness!!! I really hated seeing him go! He was such a sweetie, and sooo attentive to Courtney and later their offspring! :(

Thanks for reading and commenting! <3 <3 <3

Yes, I had love letters in the game before the UC. My Sims rarely get them--usually they have 'great' or 'dream' dates. I've never successfully retrieved one, but I assume that you don't have to do anything special other than make sure the Sim it's meant for gets it from the mailbox. And from what I've heard from other players, it does go in the Sim's inventory. You can take it out and put it on a shelf or something.

Collan's memory of his alien abduction said something like "Met Aliens." No mention of woohoo. Karis got abducted, too, sometime in generation five, but she came back in her outerwear, which was what she was wearing when she got abducted. Strange that yours are coming back in their undies! Some of my mods behaved a little strangely, too, when I put my Downloads folder in after installing the UC. I deleted them and reinstalled (aka unzipped them again and put them back in) and that seemed to help. Do you use the Hack Conflict Detection Utility? Maybe you have some mod conficts. I recently learned how to make it work with the UC if you need help.

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