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Slim Jeans and BareFeet for the BodyBuilders *request*
WawaYaya requested some time ago that I "take the Vans off the BodyBuilders" meshes that I made awhile back.

She then requested that I make it a separates thing instead. Well, I haven't made separates for the guys, and I didn't have any bodybuilders' tops in my testing folder, so I don't know if these will line up properly or not! (I'm more worried up the morphs here than anything! The actual meshes should be just fine! ;) )

She only requested the LBB and SBB and the teen LBB, but you know me! ;) I gotta make it a complete set! So, it's all 5 of the adults and 3 teens that I use: LeanBB, SlimBB, BodyBuilder v2, HugeBB and MassiveBB & teen LBB, teen BBv2, and teen MBB. Both morphs, fat and pregnant. And everything has been ran thru the BSOK (adult site), so they'll be found at the back of your custom content (CC) catalog!

Ignore the funky seams on the massive and huge guys thighs, I have fixed the mapping on the meshes so that they now look better! These pictures were taken before the fix!

Original shapes courtesy of Marvine, BeosBoxBoy (BBB), and SynapticSims. Feet courtesy of Bloom! Thanks guys for the wonderful variety!!!


Full Body Meshes
alternate link

Bottom Separates
alternate link


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Thanks G-Knee!

I have tops for the Sbb, Lbb, TLbb and maybe the BB and Hbb so I will check them out for you.

I'll send you some recolors soon!

EDIT: The separates work perfectly for the Sbb, Lbb2, Hbb and TLbb2. I do not have any Massive BB files so I can't say anything about that. My BB separates must be the old version; your BB mesh may be from the newer version, so there's a gap.

They look great by the way!

Edited at 2015-02-05 07:06 am (UTC)

I'm glad you like! Just sorry it took me so long! :(

Thanks for checking the tops for me. And yeah, the BB is version 2 found over at SynapticSims Lair. I guess I know what my next project NEEDS to be! haha 8)

YAY! Recolors!!! I'll try to be patient! :P (Course, you could make me wait as long as I made you wait! :( )

I love these they are awesome Thanks for doing them but do you think you can also make separates with the van's and Rocket Boot's as well that would be awesome?

Edit:Also where can I get the top separates at wawa_yaya?

Edited at 2015-02-09 10:16 pm (UTC)

More separates are in the future! ;) And you're welcome, I'm glad you like!

As to the tops, search here: http://www.insimenator.org/index.php/board,57.0.html

You'll find the originals by Marvine and BBB in those threads for the various different bodyshapes. I am currently updating their meshes tho so that they have the fat and pregnant morphs in them! So, if you just wanna wait.... I'll also be doing a few new tops for the updated BBv2 since these bottoms don't line up properly with the older version by Marvine. ;)

Gorgeous, so happy about some separates!!!

Re: Thank you so much!

Your welcome! ;) Thanks for your interest!!! :D

Hello again Gknee how are you? I wanted to ask if you could do a Bodybuilder Bottom Separates with these four boot options Modish Kitten Fold over Boots converted by Eir-Sims, Dirty Work Boots converted by mrostrichbird, Rayne's Hope Boots converted by lithium-vortex and last but not least MoMo Boots converted originally by Mila Sims then converted to Sussi by Stroda at BAS for my gay male BB strippers in my new Gay strip club called Hercules would be perfect for them hope you can fulfill this request! :)

You know I think these are the most amazing clothing for the BB's <3 - Thank you, these are fantastic !! :)

Edited at 2015-05-20 07:44 pm (UTC)

*blushing profusely!*
Thanks Jules! *HUGZ!* <3

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