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Peggy's Alpha Dress for CPU and VG
Sharris8 over at the Plumbob Keep (free registration!) requested Peggy's Alpha dress converted to the CPU (classic pinup) and the VG (voluptuous) sizes. So here they are!
Typical crumby pics!

Teh Nemesis added Bloom's sexyfeet and added morphs (I believe). But because these are totally different sizes, the morphs in these dresses are by me to fit with the shape. Both fat and pregnant morphs included.

This is an alpha dress, which means it can be long or it can be short or anything inbetween! ;)

Just one texture each size, so recolor away!

Because of the high poly count of Bloom's feet...You have been warned!!!  :P

And you know me...teens too!

Both morphs for the teens too! ;)

CPU Download
Alternate Link

VG Download

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I love it. Is there any chance you could make this available for the Fit Chick body-shape? Thanks for providing great meshes for our games.

*blushing* Thanks! I'm glad you like! And, Yes! I want to give this dress to a few more sizes, FC being one! But right now, I'm making some shapely conversions to use in Castaways! I'm currently playing it right now! ;P

Thank you and no problem. I'll look forward to it.

Totally agree! I've always loved the texture and I'm delighted to see it for more shapes. Fitchick would be a great addition. :)

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