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Foot Fetish ~ OVERLOAD!!!

No! I really don't have a foot fetish! Truth-be-told, I REALLY hate feet!!! lol But once you see what I have in store for ya'll this morning, you'll probably not believe me! :P

See?!!! And that's only a small sample of what you will find...

I have taken all of Fakepeeps7 meshes that had the maxis block foot and made a totally new and stand-alone mesh with Bloom's sexy(realistic)feet! Then! If the mesh had a sandal or flipflop or anything else that looked like it had some sort of toes showing, I upgraded them too! :D I totally reworked the maxis shoe and added the feet.

My version of the maxis flower slipper...

The flower is alpha-editable, meaning you can have it there or not! This shoe is used on fp7's Ruffle Top with Leggings outfit and the Flower Child outfit.

Then, my version of the maxis 3 point sandal...

This one, I lost the ring around the big toe! oops! I didn't realize (I forgot!!! :P""" ) it had a ring until I was all finished with it, and then I decided I was happy enough with the way it turned out! The actual maxis mesh lost ALL definition somewhere around the ball of the foot and just turned into the boring block feet...so, yeah!

Then lastly, this cute lil maxis strappy sandal...

My version closes the shoe on the outside of the foot! Maxis, I don't know what they were thinking (if they even were!), left that part of the shoe/texture missing as you can see in fp7's pictures here. But that's OK! I think it makes more sense to have a strap on the outside, so that's the way I constructed these! ;P

And of course, I used Simple Design's flipflops that I converted to the child size...

Sooo, all these new shoe designs that show off a more realistic foot along with Bloom's bare sexyfeet paired with Fakepeep7's wonderful meshes gives your little simmets a whole new wardrobe!!! :DDD

Like I mentioned earlier, these are all brand new, stand-alone meshes! They will NOT interfere with fp7's original meshes!!! So, any recolors with socks and/or shoes will still work properly! This just means that we need some copy/pasta-ers (lol) to get to work on transfering all barefoot designs onto these new meshes!!! :D I have taken her original textures and copied them to work with these new meshes. So, in the download you will find all her original textures made new to work with my meshes. Most of them were a simple copy/paste. But some of them had to have their textures/UVmaps reworked to accommodate the feet. You will find a .jpeg of the new UVmap in the folders of the ones that were reworked!

All meshes retained their fat morphs!!! So, your lil ones can still get pleasantly plumb! ;)

OHHH!!! And, I did NOT forget the toddlers too!!!

Your littlest family members get realistic feet as well!!! :D

Everything has been placed in separate folders along with a CAS picture of what each mesh looks like! But I did NOT include a picture of every texture! You want that, visit the above link to fp7's original posts! ;) There was an ocasional mesh or two or three that I tinkered with my own textures! They're not the greatest, but they are included in separate folders! (I got a little carried away on the ruffle top mesh! lol!) And the children have been separated from the toddlers.

Truthfully, this is rather a short post for all the meshes you will find in the download!!! LOL! I've been working on this project off and on for months, but only within the past couple of weeks have I really put it to full steam! ;) I haven't exclusively picked on poor fp7's meshes (but she's got the most out there of anyone!), you will find a few others by other creaters, Tig, Phaenoh, Minzie, just to name a couple! And, believe it or not, I still have a couple more in my WIP folder that aren't ready yet!!! But I promised Nonni that I would try to have these up and ready by this weekend, and as it stands right now, I've fallen short by about an hour and half 45 minutes!!! ;( (Sorry Nonni!!! ~ But I hope you like well enough that it's alright that they're late!!!)

I think that's way more than enough chatter!!! So, why don't you go and download some feet for your kidlets?!!!

edit: I almost forgot!!! There is one mesh that is a replacement!!! And that's Phaenoh's Ducky Swimsuit mesh!!! I added the feet to her mesh and then changed the name to add "FEETadded_byG-Knee" at the end! You will need to remove her original mesh if you want real feet! I didn't make this one a stand alone because I figured the swim rings would only be used with bare feet and if you want realistic feet you wouldn't want the original blockfeet! ;P

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Jeannie, dear heart,

Do you still have my phone number? I hate to impose but I am a bit confused. Do you need people to copy and paste for you? Or are you offering your feet mesh for Toddlers and Children to be added to any block feet clothing? I really do nothing Techish and when I get confused all hope is lost. :o)

Hugs, Nonni

I have the number ending in 215! Is that current?

And no! You don't need to do a thing but download these and throw them into your DL folder!!! All fp7's textures for her original blockfoot meshes are included as new textures that work with my new meshes!(I hope that makes sense! 😉 )

Did anyone tell you that you are awesome? Because you are awesome.

*blushing profusely!*
Thanks Slig! You're too sweet!!!

Thanks hon! Looks so much better.

IKR!!! Thanks Younger!

And you're welcome!;)

Jeannie - These are awesome, thank you for sharing <3

You're welcome Julie! Thanks for commenting! I know you're not playing ts2 any more! ;)

Jeannie, I've been wanting sexy feet on Fakepeeps7 meshes for so long. I even considered doing them myself but now you've done it for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. A Great Big Thank You. These are great!

Re: Fakepeeps7 meshes

You're more than welcome Ray!!! 😆
Glad you like!

How are you?

Jeannie, darlin', thank you for 'splaining. Yes, I still have the same phone number.

BTW, I have finally put your creations for Toddler and Child feet in Affinity Spotlight. Thanks, again, for these wonderful feet!

You're welcome Dear! And thank you too! ;) I hope the explanation made sense! lol

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