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AAS Skaterdress converted for 8 Bodyshapes - Pic Heavy!

Okay folks! Here she is!!!  (I've added more pics!!! But more to come as soon as I can get them ready!!! ;P )

I also have these same meshes for the teen shapely girls following Gothplague's take on 'em, but I have to wait until I can get my simpe back in proper working order! When my hard drive died, I lost the programs and had to re-acquire a lot of stuff. Well, apparently, I'm still missing the DDS utilities needed for simpe and the Nvidia site is (temporarily!?!) down. I've sent them an email, but as yet, haven't heard back! The adult meshes were made before the crash, but I haven't been able to make the teen versions yet! But, don't worry! I have all the textures/packages ready to go once I do! Just keep an eye out for 'em!!! ;)

Teen version available here!

Today I'm bringing ya'll 8 different bodyshapes! And 6 different feet/shoe options!!! Using All-About-Style's skater-dress mesh!

We have the following shapely females:
- Classic Pinup (CPU) = Warlokk

- Fitchic (FC) = Poppeboy

- Faerie Gal (FG) = Warlokk
(insert pic)

- Fashion Model (FM) = Warlokk
(insert pic)

- Kurvy K (KK) = FrannySim (Sadly, Franny's site is no more, but you can find some, if not all, of her meshes here! HUGE thanks to SimsUrbania!!! free registration required!)
(insert pic)

- RIO (RIO - lol!) = Warlokk

- Voluptuous Gal (VG) = Warlokk

- Well Rounded Sim (WRS) = Dr. Pixel
(insert pic)

Each mesh has 6 different shoe options:  (1) blockfeet from maxis (EA), (2) sexyfeet by Bloom, (3) Bsett heels w/ toes by Bsett and Caleb71, (4) cowgirl boots extracted from TS3 by Prikkie, (5) Marvine's heels and (6) Slingbacks w/ toes by Caleb71. (I hope I got the creators correct! ;) Many thanks to ALL the extremely talented creators!!!) The textures are by various, creative artist scattered throughout the net! ;)  Many thanks to them, too!!!  (Has anyone else noticed that, when using the organizer kit, you lose the descriptive tag line?!?)

Which reminds me, ALL my textures have been ran thru the Bodyshape Organizer Kit (BSOK) by theTigerKing83 at B.A.S. (adult site!!!)
They are for the young adult/adult/elder (YA/A/E) ages, and they all should have proper shoe/foot sounds! ;)  And...

All meshes have working fat and pregnant morphs! YAY!!!

Now, to the faces/vertices count:
- body:  f = 1586, v = 1050
- blockfeet:  f = 350, v = 274
- sexyfeet:  f = 4928!, v = too many! LOL!!! (That's what simpe says!!!)
- marvineheels:  f = 466, v = 491
- bsettheels:  f = 6416, v = again, too many! LOL!!!
- slingbacks:  f = 2642, v - 2136
- boots:  f = 792, v = 642

Sooo, that being said, we all know (and love!) the sexyfeet by Bloom and the heels by Bsett, but use sparingly!?! (Yeah! Right!)

Now to the goodies!

~ CPU ~
Alternate Link

~ FC ~
Alternate Link

~ FG ~
Alternate Link

~ FM ~
Alternate Link

~ KK ~
Alternate Link

~ RIO ~
Alternate Link

~ VG ~
Alternate Link

~ WRS ~

Alternate Link


Check out Simtown's wonderful recolors at her tumblr

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