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*UPDATED!* - Teen Version AAS Skaterdress for 8 Bodyshapes

***UPDATED 09-13-12***
I wasn't happy with the teen Kurvy K shape! So, I've changed it! Normally the teens are just a sized down version of the adult, but Frannysims also reduced the size of the breast for her teen KK. Well, when I made these meshes, all I did was convert down, just like I did for all the other shapes! But in game, I noticed the size difference and I wasn't happy with it! :P I have NOT changed the pictures just the mesh itself! Redownload and let the new version overwrite the old!
Enough! Have FUN!!!


FINALLY!!! Got the teen conversion of these dresses up and ready for you!

No, I still don't have the DDS utilities. Tho I did get a reply from them, but they sent me the wrong thing! lol Buuut, I found I have a working simpe on an old laptop! Yay!!! So I was able to 'pull out' the necessary base mesh for my meshes!

Sooo, the long awaited teen female bodyshapes! These are the EXACT same thing as the adults, only for the teens. These follow along the same idea as Gothplague. Warlokk's A,B,C + M,L,XL, (whatever) etc...was just too confusing for me! lol I found that Goth's take is WAY more easier!!! :P

Same as the adults:  fat/preg morphs, 6 different shoes, 8 different bodyshapes, proper shoe sounds, cataloged for maternity, and ran thru the BSOK!  Even the textures are the same! (And some probably not really appropriate for teens!!! ;) )  So, I need some magnificent texture workers to step up and work their magic!!!


teen CPU
Alternate Link

teen FC
Alternate Link

teen FG
Alternate Link

teen FM
Alternate Link

teen KurvyK
Alternate Link

teen RIO
Alternate Link

teen VG
Alternate Link

teen WRS
Alternate Link


Check out Simtown's wonderful recolors on her tumblr!
Tags: *updated*, classic pinup/cpu, downloads, faerie/fg, fashion model/fm, fitchic/fc, kurvy k, new mesh, rio, sims 2, teen, voluptuous gal/vg, well rounded sim/wrs
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