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@RoxySoxy's Request...VGafbody-XHiRes-LiftedSwimMultishoes

This was at the request of my dear friend RoxySoxy!!! I hope ya like dear! <3

This is Warlokk's XHi-Res swim mesh for the Voluptuous Gal with an uplift! No more DEEP valleys!!! LOL! She has 7 different everyday shoes to choose from! Starting her morning off with the sexyfeet by Bloom, she can then choose whether to wear Roman Sandals by Caleb71, Flat Sandals by Ulkrshn altered by me! I changed these to sexyfeet! (But be forewarned! I had to change mapping so it is slightly different then Ulkrshn's original mapping!!!)  If sandals aren't appropriate for the day, how about some boots! VolGal has 4 different ones to choose from!!! Starting off with Dori's Boots for dressy events. Or maybe she'd rather stomp around in Doc Martins! All 3 sizes to choose from...the 20, 14 or 10!

Sorry! You just get crappy BS pics! LOL!!! And not even a model! :P Just the mannequin!  ROFL!!!!

All credit to the original creators!!! My textures...are NOT mine! (Other than the horrible color + texture effects on some of the shoes! :P )  Unfortunately, the BSOK nukes all my tag lines, so I don't know who they are by! Speaking of...

All textures ran thru the BSOK! and will appear at the end of your clothes catalog.
As with all my meshes, this has working fat and preg morphs! And all but the sexyfeet texture have been assigned to show in the maternity catalog.

I know there's a ton load of awesome recolor artist out there! Sooo, how'sabout ya'll steppin up and recolorin the heck outta this here new mash-up mesh! ;) Then come back and let me know and I'll post a link here with the mesh! :D

Have Fun...!!!

~ Download ~
Alternate Link



Check out RoxySoxy's recolors at Pink Star Productions! (free registration required!)

Some underwear recolors by Slig at his Dreamwidth! ~Sorry Slig!

I only just discovered some moar recolors by Slig at his Dreamwidth!!! :) Thanks Slig! *HUGZ!*

Thanks guys! ;)
Tags: downloads, new mesh, sims 2, voluptuous gal/vg
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