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My Insanity is Your Gain!!!

Are your LBB guys expecting a lil bundle of craziness?! Well don't let em waddle around without the baby-bump to explain the silly walk!!!

Yeah, I know, "G-Knee, you're crazy!" 

But my insanity is YOUR gain!!! :P

I had a LBB guy in one of my 'hoods get abducted and, well, you know what happens next! 
So, I grabbed all of Syn's LBB and tLBB meshes from his site SynapticSims_Lair, and went to town adding both the fat and the pregnant morphs to his meshes! I then ran his textures thru the BSOK found here (adult site!).

Sooo...here's some pics:

You can find a slideshow of more pictures here!

In addition to the fat and preg morphs, I also converted Syn's tLBB t-shirt and jeans with feet to the adult size.

AND! I converted his LBB Double Breasted Suit to the teen!

Sorry! Only one texture each!!! But copy/pasta is DELICIOUS!!!  You can now find some recolors for the tLBB Double-Breasted Suit here and here!
You will need to remove Syn's original meshes and replace with these. As per my norm, I added "_morphsaddedbyG-Knee'" to the end of all his! The textures can simply overwrite! Just place them in your DL folder and say "Yes" when asked. This will allow us to know the difference between Syn's meshes and my morphed ones!

While I think I got ALL of his teen meshes, I've noticed that I didn't get all of his adult LBB meshes! So, there will eventually be a part 2! It will consist of his 'unlockables' collection and a couple other odds 'n ends.

This is ONLY Syn's meshes found at his Lair!!! I did NOT tackle Keilen's LBB/tLBB meshes yet! Eventually, I plan on getting to those as well! And I ALSO plan on doing this for ALL the bodybuilder guys!!! But that's a HUGE undertaking!!! So please be patient with me! ;) 

What you get:
Adults LBBv2
 - MESH_JuSyn_HighBootLBB_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_JuSyn_LBB2_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_JuSyn_LBB2Toes_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_JuSyn_LBB2-SEXYFEETwBulge_addedbyG-Knee
 - MESH-LBB-TeeshirtJeans&Feet_byG-Knee  ...  New Mesh!
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBArgyleJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBDoubleBreastSuit_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBHoodieJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBPoloJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBB2SweaterJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBTeeShirtJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBBusCasual_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_LBBOpenShirt_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_Kielen_LBB2NudeSexyFeetBottom_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_Kielen_LBB2NudeTop_morphsaddedbyG-Knee

Teen LBBv2
 - MESH_JuSyn_HighBootTLBB_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH-teenLBB-SynapticSimsDoubleBreastedSuit_byG-Knee  ...  New Mesh!
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBSweaterJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBTeeJeansBoots_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBTeeJeenFeet_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBArgyleJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBHoodieJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBPoloJeans_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBOpenShirt_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_SynapticSim_TLBBBusCasual_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_JuSyn_TLBB2-SEXYFEETwBulge_addedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_JuSyn_TLBB2NoToes_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_JuSyn_TLBB2_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_Kielen_TLBB2NudeBottomSexyFeet_morphsaddedbyG-Knee
 - MESH_Kielen_TLBB2NudeTop_morphsaddedbyG-Knee

Okay! So there's a couple meshes by Marvine and Keilen thrown in there!!! ;P But that's because they're ones that I use fequently! And Keilen's top&bottom meshes are the ones I use in my skins! So I needed them!!! 

Anywho...on the duplicate body meshes...I...cheated!!! :P Once I had my top and bottom properly morphed and separated, I then combined them to make the full body meshes. That way it keeps the morphs consistent with each other! I then just changed out the feet for the various other meshes (blockfeet, Marvine's feet and sexyfeet). In doing this, I know Marvine's feet, and maybe a couple others, lost their 'nipples'! But, truth-be-told, I'm not overly fond of the nipples anyway! I use the 'nude' body shape for a lot of different clothing, and most the time, seeing the 'headlights' on full beam is distracting!!! ;P Your choice! ... Nipples? or Morphs?

More-than-enough-chat! On to the goodies!!!

~ Download Adult LBB w/ Morphs~
Alternate Link

~ Download Teen LBB w/ Morphs~
Alternate Link


I'm goin' to bed now!!!   zzzzzzzzzz

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