G-Knee (jbeach34) wrote,

LBB Double-Breasted Suit Recolors w/ Additional teen LBB Recolors

Last week I brought ya'll some additional recolors to Syn's Double-Breasted Suit recolors for my teen conversion of his LBB suit, and I had several requests to share these colors with the adult. Sooo, here ya go...

But while I had BS up and runnin', I decided to go a step further! And make a whole NEW batch of recolors for our fine gents!!! So, in addition to the original 5 recolors I made last week for the teens, I also made 10 MORE!!! For both adult and teen this time! ;) 



Ran thru the BSOK (adult site!). Made available for the YA/A/E and for everyday as well as formal!

~ Download ~

Adult LBB Double-Breasted Suit RECOLORS
Alternate Link

Teen LBB Double-Breasted Suit RECOLORS
Alternate Link

You'll need the meshes from here: http://jbeach34.livejournal.com/5585.html


Tags: downloads, lbbv2, recolors, sims 2, teenlbbv2
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